SCALER: Scale, consumers, and lotic ecosystem rates


Funded by Macrosystems Biology Program, National Science Foundation


In this cross-biome project, we address two central questions in stream ecology: 1) How do ecosystem processes scale up from sub-reaches to whole stream networks? and 2) How do consumer removals, a predicted consequence of climate change, influence ecosystem processes and spatial scaling? We are undertaking fish removal experiments, synoptic sampling, and network-scale modeling with a focus on responses of nutrient uptake and whole-ecosystem metabolism. Our work in Interior Alaska is conducted at the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watersheds, a long-term research watershed and part of the Bonanza Creek LTER. Results from the boreal forest will be compared with those from 5 other biomes across North America (ARC, CWT, LUQ, and KNZ).


Collaborator (UAF): Jay Jones